The Story

Greetings, I am Mentorch,

Welcome to the hidden world of Nutria.

For thousands of years I have guarded the source of a natural energy that flows from five magical stones called the Nutri Jewels. Each Jewel holds the power to increase your speed, strength, health, defence and agility and is guarded by Nutria’s ancient creatures - the Nutrians.

Every Nutrian has a unique ability that they can share with us through the foods we eat. Our worlds lived healthily and in harmony for many years.

But the realm of Nutria wasn’t always so peaceful. It was once held under the villainous and vicious grip of the Gruesome Grelins, who have made it their mission to threaten human health. Led by their tyrant leader, Obi Hazzard, they posed a serious threat.

Obi wants to create a world that is under unhealthy rule – a place he calls Obi City. Fortunately, a brave group of healthy heroes has stepped up to stop the Grelins in their tracks.

Can they learn the ancient art of cookery and exercise, train with our mentors in the Nutri Academy and channel the energy of the Nutrians using the foods we eat?

A great adventure awaits, Good luck and remember…
Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies make Healthy Heroes.


Clover Hill Primary School
The lesson was really well presented and Peter completely engaged the children. The messages were clear and delivered in a fun way. The animation used to put the learning into the context of a story was excellent. The children loved it and the lesson covered several aspects of the curriculum. There was super work around team building, woring together and communication.

Kells Lane Primary School
This was a well organised programme and the children loved everything about it. Nutri Troops created a huge awareness of how healthy food can encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies.