Features and Benefits

Nutri Troops is a combination of different learning tools which help engage children and also cater to the different learning and teaching styles within your school.

  • Nutri Cards and Boards
  • Digital Platform and School Network
  • Animated Educational Videos and Storytelling
  • National Curriculum Lesson Guides
  • PE Games and Active Learning Videos
  • Resource Bank, Displays and Printables
  • Intra and Inter-school Competitions

  • Nutri Troops

    Nutri Verse

    Animated Educational Videos and Storytelling

    We use nutrition-themed fantasy stories which allow your Nutri Troops to take the roles of Healthy Heroes. Pupils learn while taking on the story challenges and stopping the villains from creating a world where obesity rules.

  • This is an exciting and interactive way of engaging children and promoting exercise, nutrition and healthy, active lifestyles.
  • The animated stories and videos work in tandem with the wealth of other whole school resources we offer.
  • The stories introduce and reinforce the key concepts underpinning Nutri Troops i.e. characters named after food groups.
  • High quality stories and videos immediately capture the children’s attention and motivate them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  • Nutri HQ

    Digital Platform and School Network

    Your Nutri Troops Headquarters is the digital hub for all things healthy and active in your school. Connect parents, children and the community to your school and share your successes while accessing a range of learning tools and resources.
    Your young leaders can take control of the platform and ensure your school stays up to date with points and scores. Your Nutri Troops HQ is:

  • A hub for promoting team sports, both inter-school and intra-school (Sportsmark Award criteria)
  • A digital platform which helps to promote competition and participation in sport (Sportsmark award criteria)
  • An easy to manage reward system where teams collect points based on meeting challenges - points are displayed on the school profile
  • A great way to involve the whole school community in sharing posts and sports news
  • A compelling evidence base if your school is working towards the PE Sportsmark Award
  • Resource Bank, Displays and Printables

    Our resource bank is available with a range of printables, guides and activities to further enrich the learning experience.

  • The wide range of resources allows a school to quickly implement a whole school approach to Nutri Troops.
  • High-quality, carefully designed resources provide attractive and coherent content, accessible quickly and easily.
  • The resource bank reduces unnecessary teacher workload, allowing staff to focus on the key messages which really matter.
  • The Nutriverse-linked resources engage children throughout the school.

  • Nutri Challenges

    Interactive Digital Players

    Our Nutri Challenges are delivered through our interactive digital player. This means lessons become more engaging and enables mentors to deliver sessions more easily. Our Animated Mentors help to guide your school’s challenges.

  • The digital players are designed by teachers and nutritionists with a view to providing reliable lessons which are ready to go.
  • The unique use of gaming within the lesson resources encourages engagement and long-term retention of nutritional information.
  • Key aspects of science, PE and wellbeing from the national curriculum are promoted within the Nutri Troops Universe.
  • Nutri Challenges demonstrate a consistent implementation of a thoroughly designed curriculum with a healthy message at its core.

  • Nutri Quest

    Home, Community and School Reach

    Our Nutri Quest challenges focus on the Nutri Troops while they are in school, at home and engaged in activities in their local area. This helps pupils to step out of their comfort zone and still gain points. Nutri Quest:

  • Successfully engages children both at school and home.
  • Provides educational opportunities at home, allowing pupils to use and extend their knowledge outside of school.
  • Advocates healthier lifestyles directly to families - encouraging children to be Healthy Heroes long after the school day has ended.

  • Nutri Games

    Nutrition, PE Games, Teambuilding and Active Learning

    Our Nutri Games are fun, nutrition-based sessions delivered through PE lessons. There is a focus on team building games, communication techniques and active learning. Nutri Games:

  • Engages children in fun activities
  • Encourages communication through team building
  • Uses animated videos to teach a range of PE games with voice over - a real stimulus for lessons

  • Mission Obi City

    National curriculum-based lesson guides

    Each of the villains are linked to a different area of the national curriculum. In order for the children to stop the villains they will journey through the curriculum through the eyes of the Nutri Troops.

  • High quality lessons, designed by teachers and expert nutritionists, are reliable, research-led and easy to use.
  • Lessons provide focused coverage of healthy lifestyle learning and cover key aspects of science, PE and PSHE study programmes.
  • Fully resourced, well designed, interactive lessons reduce unnecessary teacher workload.
  • Lessons provide clear evidence of intent and implementation of curriculum goals.

  • Nutri Champions Cup and League

    Intra and Inter School Competition

    Whether it’s within an intra-school competition or Academies racking up their healthy school points and going against one another, your pupils will want to become the best they can be.

  • Children are put into Nutri Teams in school, earning points for participating in competitive sport (Sportsmark award criteria: engagement & participation)
  • The Nutri Troops programme helps schools to achieve the PE Sportsmark Award: criteria of inter and intra school competitions
  • Competing against other schools encourages competition and engagement in team challenges
  • Your unique profile shares the points for each team: Nutri Troops characters comment and post on your profile giving the children excitement, feedback and motivation to do more!
  • Become A Nutri Troop

    Take on the Grelins and become your school's Healthy Heroes

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    Clover Hill Primary School
    The lesson was really well presented and Peter completely engaged the children. The messages were clear and delivered in a fun way. The animation used to put the learning into the context of a story was excellent. The children loved it and the lesson covered several aspects of the curriculum. There was super work around team building, woring together and communication.

    Kells Lane Primary School
    This was a well organised programme and the children loved everything about it. Nutri Troops created a huge awareness of how healthy food can encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies.