What We Do

We are your digital health assistant. Using digital gaming, animated teacher mentors and interactive lessons we transform your school into the home for a nutrition-themed adventure with our unique Nutri Troops experiences.

Digital Healthy School Programme
Nutri Troops Academy
Set up your Academy platform and gain access to our animated videos, interactive lessons and challenges. Share your success stories with parents and other schools and earn points in the race to be crowned Nutri Champions.
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Nutrition PE Games Day
Nutri Games
Intra-school competition day. Experience a day in the life of a Nutri Trooper. Our Mentors and Nutri Coach will split your school into five Nutri Teams before you all face off in team building, nutrition-themed games.
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Clover Hill Primary School
The lesson was really well presented and Peter completely engaged the children. The messages were clear and delivered in a fun way. The animation used to put the learning into the context of a story was excellent. The children loved it and the lesson covered several aspects of the curriculum. There was super work around team building, woring together and communication.

Kells Lane Primary School
This was a well organised programme and the children loved everything about it. Nutri Troops created a huge awareness of how healthy food can encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies.